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This new documentary series follows a small town working together to revitalize its Downtown.


These stories explore how innovation, grit, and community are crucial for rural success.

Series Trailer

Official Series Trailer

A documentary series filmed in Vernal, Utah, follows a small town revitalizing its downtown and diversifying its economy to bring back its Main Street charm.

Episode 1 

Trailer - Saving Main Street:
Vernal's Downtown Revitalization - Part 1

A small town's crumbling Main Street sparks its community to revitalize its downtown. Part 1 sets the stage for the rural town's massive transformation.

Episode 2

Trailer - Market On Main Street

Winning a local business pitch competition gives Trisha Sorensen the tools to expand her home bakery and elevate other local businesses. This founder story follows the highs and lows of setting up a new brick & mortar store. Her store sparks other businesses to come back to Downtown Vernal.

Episode 3

Trailer - Mural Magic On Main Street

After surviving a life-threatening brain tumor, Jordan Clark decides to change his life. Quitting his office job, Jordan pursues his love of spray paint art. His multi-story murals visually transform Downtown Vernal and help it visually come back to life.

Episode 4

Trailer - Dinah “SOAR” Days Hot Air Balloon Festival

Visitors from around the country come to our small town for Utah's BIGGEST Hot Air Balloon Festival, bringing people and commerce back to Downtown Vernal. 

Episode 5

Trailer - Business Pitch Winner: Elite Equine

Elite Equine is a founder story following two women as they ride toward their dreams. Winning a local business pitch competition launches them toward their goal of opening a physical therapy center for horses. We follow their journey during the first year of setting up their new business.

Episode 6

Trailer - Saving Kids Canal

When a historic outdoor recreation space for kids threatens to be destroyed, our small town works together to save it.

Built over 100 years ago, Kids Canal is a nature space for children to play, swim, and fish freely.  

Episode 7

Trailer - Building Up Rural Tech - Dakotah's Story

Tech talent isn't just in the big cities. Thanks to increased education and the support of local companies, our rural workforce is rising to meet the growing demand for tech-based jobs.

Episode 8

Trailer - Building Up Rural Tech: Kray's Story

After surviving a horrific plane crash, Kray is left with life-long injuries. No longer able to fly as a pilot, Kray joins the up-and-coming tech scene in Vernal, Utah, and finds hope in the new industry.

Episode 9

Available Spring 2024

Trailer - Saving Main Street: Vernal's Downtown Revitalization - Part 2

With a community plan in place, demolition and construction kick-off to revitalize Vernal's Downtown. The momentum starts to bring new business and new life to Main Street.  Abby, a local restaurant owner, shares her journey of opening up a new cafe in the heart of downtown.

Episode 10

Available Summer 2024

Trailer - Building Buckskin Hills Dragstrip

Follow the making of one of Utah's only Dragstrip race courses. Built by local crews and experienced drivers, this motocross complex brings together a community of racers and race enthusiasts. 

Episode 11

Available Summer 2024

Trailer - Red Fleet State Park Remodel

One of Utah's hidden gems gets a massive makeover. Red Fleet State Park is one of the most gorgeous places in the state to paddleboard and recreate.


Follow the process as the entire campground and beach get ripped out and replaced with state-of-the-art amenities to improve the guest experience.

Episode 12

Available Fall 2024

Trailer - Building Utah's First Public Via Ferrata

Set in the stunning mountains of Ashley National Forest, this vertical trail system takes climbers to new heights and never-before-seen trails.

This documentary follows the making of Utah's very first Via Ferrata. A Via Ferrata follows a route on a mountain face equipped with steel cables, ladders, and other fixed anchors

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